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Heroes Tech Academy

Lego Engineering and Game Coding

Ages 7-9
Full Day | 9am-3:30pm

Dive into the world of Marvel as you learn LEGO® engineering and programming concepts.


Build motor-powered versions of Baby Groot, the Guardian’s spaceship, a Spider-Drone, the Hulk and Black Widow’s Electric Motorbike. 


Then, learn coding while you design games inspired by the Avengers movies using Scratch software. 

Play as Thor as you defend the Avengers Tower from the Chitauri aliens or as Captain Marvel as you try to collect the infinity stones before Thanos.

  • Five fascinating and original LEGO-based creations with a superhero theme 

  • LEGO Projects teach engineering concepts

  • Game design projects teach coding skills 

  • Games feature superhero theme action and use popular game types, such as runner games

What's special about this camp?

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Coding Skills from Game Making

Campers learn coding while designing games with Scratch, a visual programming language with a menu of instructions to choose from.  Campers code with variables, loops, conditionals, and functions. Scratch allows students to experiment with coding before they move on to text-based languages like Python.


Campers learn how to power LEGO projects with an electric motor, battery pack and gears.  They learn the engineering to create movement for projects as well as advanced design skills for characters and vehicles.

Engineering Skills

Hours &

Early Bird Tuition (thru May 21)

Full day (9-3:30): $375/wk  

Extended care is available at some locations, with an additional cost per week. 

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