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Preparing Your Child for Camps

TechKnowHow® wants to make your child's camp a positive and memorable experience.

We hope that they will have fun and develop many skills, from technical to social and problem-solving. Here are a few ways that you can enhance your child or teen's experience at camp:

  • Discuss what camp will be like with them. Visit our website at: and show them videos of the particular program(s) that they will be attending. Our schedule includes hands-on projects for most of the camp, with 20-minute supervised recess breaks in the morning and afternoon, along with a half-hour lunch break for the Full Day camps.


  • Label items that your child brings to camp, including jackets, caps and lunchboxes.


  • Bring lunch, snacks, and water or another beverage every day. Do not forget a cap or sunscreen, since we will have outdoor recreation time.


  • DO NOT bring any toys or valuable items to camp. Toys, including nerf guns, LEGO®s and razor scooters are not allowed at camp. Campers should not wear flip-flops, Crocs shoes, or shoes with wheels (such as heelies), since they are at risk of injury when running if wearing this footwear.


  • Students can bring phones to camp to call and receive messages from parents, but please tell them not to play games on the phones or text friends while in camp. We want students to focus on the coursework and getting to know their classmates during camp.


  • Talk to your child about how to make friends at camp - be friendly, introduce yourself, be helpful, ask for help, and participate in camp activities. Our teachers will discuss friendships at camp, as well as how campers can solve problems. Remind your child that they can and should talk with a teacher whenever they need help.


  • Tell your child that, like school, camp has certain rules for behavior to keep the students safe and to help them achieve the most from the program. For example, hurting someone, whether by hitting or name-calling, is not acceptable at our camp. If a student encounters a problem, the right solution is to talk to the teacher.


We look forward to having your child at camp! If you have any questions, please give us a call at (650) 638-0500.

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