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Be a Coder -

Learn Python

Learn to program in Python® through interesting projects such as creating quick interactive games, art and animations, and controlling a Codey Rocky robot. 

Your projects teach how to use the most important constructs of the Python® language, including variables, functions, conditional statements, loops, and lists. 

You’ll finish the week by creating your own project entirely in Python! Prerequisite - Comfort and familiarity with typing is required (at least 20 words per minute recommended).

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1 Print command

2 Input and variables

3 Conditional statements

4 Operators

5 Random Module and Loops

6 Lists and Pseudo-AI

7-10 Drawing Graphics in Python

11 For Loops - Advanced Graphics

12-14 Games with Graphics

15 Tkinter Module

16-17 Loops and Buttons

18 Character Animation

19 In-game Movement

20 Game coding - Pokemon Safari

21 Game coding - Balloon Pop Game

22 Code your own Project

Coding Skills & Projects


Robot Coding

Campers create a variety of robots while exploring sensors and mechanisms. Then, they program the movements and display of each robot, so students can see in a tangible way how their code creates action.  Code includes loops and if-then conditionals.​

Python is easy to understand and widely used and valued. Many businesses such as NASA and Google use it and it often is the first language taught at many top universities. Getting comfortable with Python at an early age is a terrific foundation for future programming success. 

Hours & tuition 

Full day (9-3:30): $425/wk

Extended care is available at some locations, with an additional cost per week.  Click on the site below for hours.

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