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Jedi Engineers Academy

Ages 6-8
Full Day | 9am-3:30pm

Build a Speeder Bike that races up and down ramps, design R2D2, the Millennium Falcon, and more! The best thing is that you power the LEGO creations with Circuit Cubes®, electronic components such as a battery, motor, light and switch which you build into your designs. Learn how to create the circuits which power your LEGO creations! Design several fun space adventure computer games while learning coding fundamentals. You'll learn about loops, if/else statements, logical operators, and variables using Scratch®'s code blocks. You'll even make a game where you have to use the "force" by moving your hand to control a lightsaber in your game! And, the best thing is that you can take home your games to play with friends and family on any Windows or Mac computer.


Hours &

Early bird Tuition (thru May 21)

​Full-Day (9-3:30): $375/week

What's special about this camp?

  • 5 fascinating and original LEGO-based creations

  • Exciting circuitry action

  • Unique gear assemblies

Building & Engineering

Campers explore a variety of LEGO building techniques, learn how gears and motors work, learn about space vehicle design, and discover how infrared remotes work. 


Extended Care

 Extended care is available at most locations, with an additional cost per week.

Camp Schedule

Jedi Engineers Academy

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