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EV3 Robotics &

Tech Maker Space

Ages 7-9
Full Day | 9am-3:30pm

Design, build, and program robots with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 sets. Use motors, sensors, and gears to create a self-driving vehicle, a walking robot, an animatronic arm, and line-follower.  Gain team problem-solving skills through First LEGO League-inspired challenges.   Then, learn coding by designing games using Scratch® software.  Learn about logic, loops, lists, and artificial intelligence as you make games to play in camp and at home.  End the week with a maker project which teaches about circuits and electronics.

  • Five fascinating LEGO EV3-based creations which teach a thorough knowledge of robot building including use of sensors.

  • Daily robot-coding projects develop an increasing knowledge level.

  • End-of-week team-oriented challenges 

  • Game making through coding with Scratch  

  • DIY Maker building skills, along with an introduction to electronics.

What's Unique about the Camp?


Robotics Team Skills 

At the end of the week, campers get to experience what it is like to be on a robotics team as they work together to build and program a robot to complete First LEGOLeague-type challenges.

Robot_arm_1 copy.png

Campers create a variety of robots while exploring sensors and mechanisms. Then, they program the movements and display of each robot, so students can see in a tangible way how their code creates action.  Code includes loops and if-then conditionals.

Robotics Engineering

laptop_code_blue copy.png

Campers learn coding while designing games with Scratch, a visual programming language.  Campers code with variables, loops, conditionals, and functions. Campers experiment with coding before they move on to text-based languages like Python and JavaScript.

Coding Skills from Game Making


Electronics and Maker Space

Campers explore circuits and electronics while creating a take-home LED project. 

This maker project teaches about electronic components and electricity flow, while also inspiring creativity and design.

Hours &

Early bird tuition (thru May 21)

Full day (9-3:30): $375/wk

Extended care is available at some locations, with an additional cost per week.  

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