Camps for Ages 5 - 9

Looking for a unique summer educational experience that will challenge and excite your child? Our camps teach students technology skills through fun, engaging and dynamic projects, many of which feature special LEGO® components, such as battery packs, motors and gears.

From robotics to iPad® movie-making, game design, TechKnowHow camps provide supportive, teacher-led instruction followed by hands-on learning experiences that let students use technology in creative ways. Campers gain technical skills along with confidence as they explore, create and problem-solve.

All camps also include team-building, group games and recess activities to provide time for shared fun and a chance to get to know fellow campers.

Seattle Activity Hero Best Summer Camp TechKnowHow® Summer Tech and Robotics Camps, was selected as a "Best of 2016" Camp from Activity Hero, the online parent guide!

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Note that some classes are offered as a half day or full day option.
Space Explorers ages 5 - 8

LEGO® Space Explorers Camps - Ages 5 - 8

Join our building team as we make cool vehicles and structures with LEGO® components for life in outer space! Build rockets, hexagonal space homes, radar centers, rovers and more.
LEGO® Remote Control Projects ages 5 - 8

LEGO® Remote Control Projects - Ages 5 - 8

Students innovate with tech - building fun remote control creations with LEGO® motors.
Zoo Zanimals ages 5 - 8

Zoo Zanimals - Ages 5 - 8

Learn the secrets of animal building using LEGO® motors, battery packs, and special design elements. Some creatures you’ll build include a dog, a friendly alligator, hippo, woodpecker, and a ranger jeep to help visit our animal friends. You’ll learn about gears, pulleys, hinges and other mechanisms that move LEGO creations.
Blockbuster Builds ages 5 - 8

Blockbuster Builds - Ages 5 - 8

Join us for a week of building magic as we design vehicles for our favorite movie and TV characters using LEGO® elements. You’ll learn all about vehicle design, aerodynamics, and how to power LEGO® creations with gears and add motors.
Stop-Motion Movie Making ages 7 - 9

Stop-Motion Movies - Ages 7 - 9

Students work in teams to create a stop-motion movie starring LEGO® minifigures and sets that they create using LEGO® components.
Tech Explorers: Robotics ages 7 - 9

Tech Explorers: Robotics - Ages 7 - 9

Campers build machines with LEGO® elements and then program and use them to uncover clues to solve a mystery. They’ll use motors to power projects and sensors to detect movement and trigger actions.
Jedi Builders & Coders ages 8 - 11

Jedi Builders & Coders: Star-Wars-Themed Robotics & Game Design - Ages 8 - 11

In a galaxy not so far away, students design motorized and robotic creatures and vehicles from the Star Wars® movies using LEGO® components. We’ll use motors along with WeDo® motion and tilt sensors to bring our creations to life! Build an X-wing and Y-wing craft that you can cotrol with a remote and more!
Pokemania ages 8 - 11

PokéMania Robotics and Game Design - Ages 8 - 11

Explore robotics as you build Pokémon®-style characters with LEGO® components and control them with programs that you make with WeDo® and Scratch® software. Also, design two fun Pokémon®-themed computer games while learning coding fundamentals with Scratch® software.
Python Programming - Ages 9 - 12

Python Programming - Ages 9 - 12

Learn to program in Python® by creating text-based games, such as number and logic games, interactive arcade-style games, interesting art and animations, and even a Pokémon®-based game.

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