Programming, Robotics and Game Design Camps for Ages 10 - 14

Is your child already excited by computer science, robotics or game design, and looking for a way to develop that knowledge further? Or, would you like your child to have a chance to explore an area of technology to see if it interests them.

Our mission at TechKnowHow is to serve both types of students by providing hands-on projects that make STEM learning fun and engaging. Our camps feature original curriculum with interesting teacher-led projects involving skill-learning and challenges, all done with a focus on allowing each student to infuse their ideas and creativity into their work. We have over 23 years experience working with students in our camps and programs, and have received awards for best technology camp from Bay Area media numerous times.

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Some classes are offered as a half day or full day option.
Jedi Builders & Coders ages 8 - 11

Jedi Builders & Coders: Star-Wars-Themed Robotics & Game Design - Ages 8 - 11

In a galaxy not so far away, students design motorized and robotic creatures and vehicles from the Star Wars® movies using LEGO® components. We’ll use motors along with WeDo® motion and tilt sensors to bring our creations to life! Build an X-wing and Y-wing craft that you can cotrol with a remote and more!
Pokemania ages 8 - 11

PokéMania Robotics and Game Design - Ages 8 - 11

Explore robotics as you build Pokémon®-style characters with LEGO® components and control them with programs that you make with WeDo® and Scratch® software. Also, design two fun Pokémon®-themed computer games while learning coding fundamentals with Scratch® software.
Python Programming - Ages 9 - 12

Python Programming - Ages 9 - 12

Learn to program in Python® by creating text-based games, such as number and logic games, interactive arcade-style games, interesting art and animations, and even a Pokémon®-based game.
EV3® Robotics camps ages 10 - 13

Radical Robots: LEGO EV3s and Sphero SPRK - Ages 10 - 13

Design, build, and program robots that can interact with you, perform complex tasks, and respond to changes in the environment. We’ll use the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3® robotics building set as well as the playful Sphero® SPRK.

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