Happy Campers & Happy Parents
Are Important to Us

Our mission is simple - to have kids understand technology and get creative with it. We work hard to create a quality educational experience for all of our students. We design original curriculum and test it out with students in the fall and winter to ensure age-appropriateness and interest. We then hire teachers who have a love for educating students as well as the technical and management skills for the class that they will be leading.

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Parents and students really love our camps! Here are some parent comments about last year's camps:

"Awesome camp! My son really enjoyed it! I like how all the teachers are super friendly and interactive." - Parent of a Kindergartener at our Alameda camp

"5 Stars! My daughter comes home and talks about how to build things and how to solve problems." - Ivy, parent of a 1st grader

"My boys loved the projects and activities. They always came home excited to go back the next day. Great way to spend their vacation days." - Michelle, parent of 2nd graders

"My son had a lot of fun. He is normally shy but he made a lot of friends at camp which is a big deal. He also enjoyed the robotics part." - Arindam, parent of a 3rd grader

"Everything was excellent. Our son looked forward to camp every day. He learned a lot about critical thinking and construction." - Parent of a 2nd grader

"It's great for a six year old to have exposure to robotics so early. Keep it up!" - Ramesh, parent of a 1st grader

"The material is presented in a fun way. My daughter made friends, learned teamwork, robotics and programming skills."
- Parent of a 4th grader at our Palo Alto camp

"It was a ton of fun with a good amount of challenges and introduction of new engineering concepts and terms." - Parent of a 4th grader at our Burlingame camp "5 stars!"

"I learned the basics of coding in a fun and easy process. I liked the teachers and making a game with Unity," - 7th grade student at our Cupertino camp

"My daughter realized she loved programming!" - Parent of a 5th grader at our Palo Alto camp

"My child really enjoyed the game design camp - she was so excited to learn new skills! I liked how the camp taught kids computer and programming skills in a fun and engaging manner." - Parent of 6th grade student at our Palo Alto camp