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A Children's Education Franchise Featuring Building with LEGO® Elements and More!
  LEGO summer campWhat is a TechKnowHow® Franchise?

Educational franchiseTechKnowHow® is a children's education franchise which offers enrichment programs for students ages 3-14, including afterschool classes and summer camps.

Our variety of programs include hands-on activities such as engineering with LEGO® elements, game design and robotics. Our highly-regarded, proprietary curriculum has been a hit with both students and their parents for over 18 years. We have an experienced curriculum R&D team which regularly develops new programs and projects, and tests them with students for high interest and educational value.

LEGO summer campHow much is my total investment?

Your total estimated initial investment ranges from $34,950 to $73,600., depending on factors such as the number of programs you wish to offer and whether you rent administrative office space or work from your home. You have the choice of focusing your offering on popular building classes or expanding to offer both building with LEGO® elements classes and advanced programs such as game design and robotics. Your franchise fee is included in this amount. All investment and franchise details are in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), so give us a call for more information.  

LEGO summer campIs there a monthly royalty payment?

Franchise royalty payments are regular payments made to the franchisor. Royalty payments are a percentage of monthly gross revenue or a minimum flat fee per month, whichever is greater. Contact us to learn more about royalties.educational franchise training

LEGO summer campWhat kind of business background do I need?

You do not need to have an extensive business background to run a TechKnowHow franchise. We will teach you the key activities of the business- from teaching our programs, to sales and marketing, and purchasing and record-keeping. We also provide you with a thorough operations manual and ongoing support, ready to assist with your questions and inquiries.

LEGO summer campIs there a training program?

Yes. You begin with a 5-day comprehensive classroom training program where you will be taught the curriculum, basic operations, including advertising, customer service, marketing techniques, staff hiring, and more. You will also receive an operations manual which details the steps to run your franchise. In addition, we will provide up to 3 days of on-site training prior to your grand opening, as well as continued support from our experienced team.

LEGO summer campWho is an ideal TechKnowHow owner?

An ideal TechKnowHow franchise owner is someone who desires to run a business with a focus on children and technology. This person must always have the success of the student, and the satisfaction of the student’s parent(s), in mind. If you like providing that level of extraordinary customer service, TechKnowHow may be a great fit for you!

franchise game designNext, it is important that a franchise owner learns and implements the TechKnowHow system. Training is provided for this purpose as well as ongoing support from an experienced corporate team. An owner must also be a dynamic and hard-working individual – someone who can enthusiastically present the programs to others and is committed to working hard to ensure the proper delivery of the TechKnowHow system. A dedication and drive to succeed is vital for any franchise owner.

LEGO summer campIs there a protected territory?

Yes. We will award you a protected territory. All TechKnowHow owners have a protected territory as defined in the Franchise Agreement.

LEGO summer campHow do I know what equipment and supplies I will need for my services?

We will supply you with the complete specifications for your operations, including equipment and inventory for all of the programs, along with a list of recommended vendors and ordering instructions.

LEGO summer campHow can I find out more about a TechKnowHow franchise?

We’re happy to provide you more information and answer any questions you may have. You can call us at 1-877-424-2996 or click here to go to the contact page.

In addition, we offer a Discovery Day, where you can visit our offices in Foster City, California and speak with our founder to learn more about the opportunity to own a TechKnowHow franchise. Give us a call or email, so we can set up such a meeting.


 LEGO summer camp

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